Hercules and Iolaos after the capture of the Erymanthian boar.

Mosaic from a fountain from Neronian times (ruled 54 to 68 C.E.), now located in the Palazzo Massimo, Roma.

Photograph courtesy of Giovanni dall'Orto

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The Loves of Hercules
Hercules and Hylas
“Of all Hercules’ boyfriends however, the ones he loved the best (besides Nestor) were Iolaos of Thebes, and Hylas of Argos. Iolaos, was also his nephew and, though only sixteen, his helper in many of his labors. It was said that their love was such that Hercules found those labors easier when Iolaos watched him. He was Hercules’ charioteer and beloved, just like Patroklos was for Achilles.”